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Jun. 12th, 2012


Scrapbooking and genealogy

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Ok, done scrapbooking for a while. whew….I’m pleased with the results so far. I added some new pages to one of Isabella’s scrapbooks(she has three), and I added some photos to the family tree book, and updated some info therein. Wish I could afford a subscription to ancestry.com, oh well. My current family tree is here: http://thebucci.com/annabucci/

Time for a break…maybe some Diablo III.

Apr. 1st, 2012



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Just watched Goon last night. Such an awesome movie! I got really into the story and the fighting and I was quite literally on the edge of my seat watching this thing. I haven’t been this excited about a movie in a long while. I think everyone should go see it, especially if you like hockey and fighting.

Seann William Scott(American Pie’s Stiffler) is in it as the main character who gets into hockey to become an enforcer. Liev Schrieber is in it as the top enforcer. Oh man, it’s such a great movie.

Lots of swearing and vulgarity, some nude scenes, but so awesome.

Here’s the trailer:

It opened in the US last Friday, but it’s limited. I had to watch it online otherwise I would’ve had to drive to PA to see it.

here’s the movie website, http://goonfilm.com

Go see it it!

Mar. 26th, 2012


Trayvon Martin

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The Trayvon Martin case is a horrendous miscarriage of justice. Zimmerman should be in custody right now, and arrested. The fact that he could kill someone and then nothing happen to him is just infuriating. If you go by the 911 recording, Zimmerman comes off as a racist douchebag who was stalking Trayvon Martin and then killed him for no reason other than he’s a racist douchebag.

Some of my friends are posting on facebook that this was in self-defense(bullshit), and some complain why this is so newsworthy when there are other cases of black people committing crimes against white people. Because, asshole, those criminals were either caught or the cops are looking for them. This guy had NOTHING happen to him and he admits to shooting this kid. THAT’S THE REASON. And why the hell are caring about the newsworthiness of this? Were you complaining about the Casey Anthony case being newsworthy when there are many other cases of child murder? That’s a very stupid thing to complain about.

Feb. 25th, 2012


New Apartment!

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Moved in to a bigger apartment, yay!


No pics yet though.


Also I have short hair! OMGOMGOMG


short hair!

no more buns!

Aug. 9th, 2010


A Memory of My Hat

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About 11 yrs ago I was in the army. I met some people, one of them is named Chris Sperry. We were at the DLI in Monterey, CA. One day we decided to go into town to the hat shop. It was an awesome day to buy a hat. It will be the first hat I ever bought for myself. The hat store had all kinds of sweet hats. Cowboy hats, greek fishermans hats, scalley caps, fedoras, etc. The coolest hat ever, a brown leather apple cap. And it looked like this:

This was such an amazing hat. It’s legendary. I will explain why in a bit. Chris got a scalley cap I think, I’m not sure. But his hat definitely wasn’t as cool as my hat.

My hat was magical. It had powers. I do not yet know the full extent of the powers of that hat. One time I went to the movies with someone, and later that night we went to the legion. I suddenly realized I was without my hat! I was so mad at myself for leaving it at the theater. I left the bar and went back to the theater, but it was not there. I was sad and downtrodden. The next day someone gave me my hat. They had been at the movies too and saw it there and recognized it as my awesome hat and saved it for me. I was so relieved!

Another time I went to the beach with my friend Chris Sweeney. We did some sparring and wrestling. Later that night I realized I was without my hat AGAIN! Argh! I searched for it everywhere. Ended up going back to the beach but it was so dark out I couldn’t find it. Chris and I were both searching and searching. Nothing. I got so mad I threw my rental car keys on to the beach somewhere. Then I had to search for those too cause we would be stranded otherwise. Well as I was looking for the keys, I found them…..right next to my hat! so amazing!

So my hat was able to come back to me after several times of losing it. I had to leave Monterey and go to Ft. Leonard Wood, then I got stationed in Hawaii, where I could finally wear my hat again. I wore it at the enlisted club and some aussies were there and they called me angus! Too funny. Now here’s the sad part. I visited some friends that were still in Monterey, and another friend(Ledbetter) who was in cali. When the trip was over and I left to come back to Hawaii, I accidently left my hat on my friend’s car. He said he’d mail it to me but I never heard from him again. I guess my hat wanted to stay in cali.

The next time I went to Monterey Ca, I went back to the same hat shop to buy another brown leather apple cap, but they no longer sold them. I ended up getting a greek fisherman’s hat. After I got out of the army I moved to Boston, and lost the Greek fisherman’s hat. I went to Cambridge and in that  one shop that’s above the ben and jerry’s(don’t remember the name), they had a brown leather apple cap. I got it, but it just wasn’t the same. I ended up losing that one too.

I wish I had that hat.


Feb. 11th, 2010


global warming deniers

Every time I hear someone trying to joke on “global warming”(which is actually global climate change) because it snows in the winter they reveal themselves to be ignorant and short-sighted. when it’s night time do you think “there’s no sun, so how can it be global warming, silly al gore!”

It’s winter. it’s going to snow in some parts of the country. It’s going to happen every year for a long while. Global climate change doesn’t mean it will never ever snow again.

Please stop making yourselves look ridiculous.

May. 8th, 2009


An opinion

I don't like it when heathens honor certain beings who are the enemies of the gods. These are the thyrses and other etins; destructive chaotic forces. I don't think I could blot, or symbel, or fain with someone who honors these beings. I believe people like this just want to be different, and to prove their differentness they honor unworthy beings to spite the "mainstream" heathenry. These people must be anti-mainstream at all costs. They love being the fringe of the fringe. They may rationalize this by claiming everyone else but them is misunderstanding these beings and they're not really evil. They consider them to be primordial elemental beings, like honoring a hurricane or an earthquake. They may even claim they were "called" by them. I don't know whether this is true or not, but it doesn't matter to me. I don't like it. They call themselves "dark heathens", or "rokkrtru", "Lokian", etc.

I disagree with their practice, and I shun it. /spits

Furthermore, anyone with ties to Raven Kaldera, Cauldron Farm, Asphodel and Ironwood Kindred, where a lot of this "anti-mainstream" crap originates, is not someone I want anything to do with. If you drank the koolaid from these people then you are either pathetic and weak, or incredibly foolish, or just plain psychotic. An example of their offensive practice is an event called "Etin Moot" that occurred last year, where a lamb was sacrificed to Angrboda, people were "possessed" by etins and had sex with each other(called "horsing"), a ritual fire to honor Surt, and other such nonsense. These aren't heathens(self-admitted) these people are in a pagan cult. Stay away from them if you have ny sense of honor. If you met them and haven't realized their insanity then stay away from me and my kind.

I'm sure if you do a search on them, you will see their reputation in the northeast and in the heathen community in general.

That's all I have to say about that.

edit: and now there's some more I have to say about it.

All you cult-members posting to my livejournal, everytime you post you reinforce my opinion of your cult.

And yes, it's a cult.

And now I've disabled anonymous comments, so you cowards have to reveal yourselves if you want to continue to talk shit.

Apr. 10th, 2009


The definition of marriage and the redefining of it


Regarding the definition of marriage and "redefining" it.

Marriage has several definitions, some of which have nothing to do with people. Throughout time, marriage has had meanings changed. It has never simply meant "between a man and a woman". Sometimes it was several women and one man(which still occurs in some parts of the world). It also had the meaning of "one white woman, and one white man". The word marriage comes from the Latin 'maritare', which means "give a husband to".

This sacred institution has gone through a myriad of roles. It's a way to handle property rights, inheritance, etc. It was a contract to gain land and title, and protect bloodlines. A way to end feuds. Woman were used to get a bride price, or a dowry, through arranged marriages(which still occur). Love was rarely involved.

Regardless of all that. The most important thing you must realize: it is not actually possible to legislate a definition. The gov't doesn't have the power to make marriage defined in only one way(be it your way or anyone else's). The nature of language just doesn't allow for that. If this were possible then etymology wouldn't exist, because we'd all speak the same way we did thousands of years ago. Language evolves, we see this throughout our lifetime. Think of the word "web". Did you think spider or did you think internet? How about the word "text", is it a noun or a verb? A hundred years ago "cool" only referred to temperature. Thousands of examples. It's called common usage, and yes sometimes I dislike common usage. Because of this we have words like "irregardless" and "ain't". The point being that if enough people use the word marriage as "2 consenting adults in wedlock" then that's what it's going to mean. You can no more force everyone to use one particular definition than you can force everyone to use the word "gay" to mean "happy".

You and all your anti-gay pals are just going to have to accept that.

I suspect this whole thing isn't about definitions at all. It's more likely because the bible says "god hates gays" and "marriage is good" so you musn't let those evil gays get married. Too bad for you, you have no control over it. The controversy isn't actually about gay people getting married, because they can do that anyway. It's about the gov't recognizing the marriage and giving them the same benefits and rights.

See how I used 'marriage' and didn't have to preface it with gay but you still understood what I was saying? That's common usage.